Urban Scenarios
Improving land use with powerful data modeling
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Going beyond GIS

Scenario Modeling

Working with a city’s existing geospatial data on land use, streets, transit, and critical areas, we use the newest technologies to develop multi-variable, customized models ready for easy analysis and stakeholder engagement.

Household & Employment Lands Modeling

Looking at issues such as available housing stock and job creation, we work with you to assess residential and employment lands to determine if targets and projections will be met.

Climate Action & Resiliency Planning

Global warming, sea level rise, flooding, and intense weather activity require communities to re-assess land use patterns. Our climate scenario modeling visualizes how these and other environmental conditions will impact a region, pointing to at-risk areas that may require less intensive land use.

 Zoning & Comprehensive Plan Auditing

We prepare a baseline condition for your existing zoning code and comp plans, allowing you to assess measures for livability (distance to parks, schools, transit, essential services), and whether your community is adequately prepared to handle future population increases and impacts to critical infrastructure and resources.


An introduction to some of our recent projects

Lents Town Center (Portland, OR)

Lents Town Center (Portland, OR)

TOD Modeling

Maputo Partial Urbanization Plan

Maputo Partial Urbanization Plan

A new vision for the historic Baixa waterfront

Site Suitability

Site Suitability

Due diligence mapping

Woodstock Neighborhood (Portland, OR)

Woodstock Neighborhood (Portland, OR)

Visualizing proposed comp plan updates


Preparing cities for the future

  • Responsibly managing
    urban growth

    The majority of urban areas across the United States are experiencing significant growth and migration. With this influx of people, issues of affordability, diversity, and congestion arise. Public agencies, planners, and politicians must find new ways to envision and communicate solutions to these issues.

  • Helping cities make choices today that result in an equitable, sustainable, and resilient future

    Urban plans—whether they are comprehensive, or specific to subareas, corridors, or nodes—are only valuable if they can provide substantive analysis and metrics to set future benchmarks for successful city building.

  • Using modern tools to address modern problems

    We harness geospatial “big” data and apply progressive urban planning methodologies to create easy-to-understand planning models that help all stakeholders understand the impact of policy decisions, assess investment opportunities, and envision future growth in cities and towns across the globe.

  • Thatch Moyle, Principal

    With over 15 years of domestic and international experience in land development, feasibility analysis, geospatial analysis, 3D visualization and modeling, scenario planning, and stakeholder involvement, Thatch understands the issues and can help you find workable solutions.

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